Did you know...

  • that the municipalities of Saanen, Gsteig and Lauenen together make up the Saanenland? Situated in the western Bernese Oberland it borders the canton of Fribourg in the north, the canton of Vaud in the west, the canton of Valais in the south and the Simmental and the rest of the canton of Bern in the east?
  • that 11 hamlets (Abländschen, Bissen, Ebnit, Gruben, Grund, Gstaad, Kalberhöni, Saanen, Saanenmöser, Schönried and Turbach) belong to the municipality of Saanen?
  • that there are around 7,612 inhabitants in the entire Saanenland?
  • that there are around 8,100 cows in the entire Saanenland?
  • that the promenade of Gstaad has been car-free since 1996? 
  • that the first ski lodge in Switzerland was built in Saanenmöser in 1908? 
  • that the first cable car in Switzerland with a turn in its route was the one at Rellerli in Schoenried? 
  • that the church in Saanen was first mentioned in 1228?