Great wines for a superb cuisine

The secret of the hotel restaurant "La Bagatelle" is in its cellar 

You feel as if you’re in a treasure chamber when you visit the wine cellar of the Hotel Le Grand Chalet. Creativity and passion have been packed into every detail. Its walls are decorated with ancient wine labels and wooden wine boxes. Around 900 different wines are stored here – more than 15,000 bottles in total. 

The former hotel owner, Franz Rosskogler, was also a great wine connoisseur. A passion for wine is what he has in common with the long-serving Maître and recently appointed co-director Pedro Ferreira. With a view to the environment, it is quite natural that the Le Grand Chalet should offer fewer wines from overseas on the wine list while covering the full spectrum of European wines. 

Ferreira is always seeking something special, always on a quest to feel out the soul of each wine. "Anybody who comes to the Grand Chalet will find the right wine for their budget – and always in the right quality", says Ferreira. His wine list – which, by the way, is printed on handmade Himalayan paper – doesn’t just feature wines in the premium price segment, as one might expect in Gstaad. 

Download winelist

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